Welcome to the world of Membership Rewards®, the award winning* program from American Express® that brings you luxurious design, leisure and travel, just for using your Card.


Every Rp.2,500 you spend earns you 1 (one) Membership Rewards point.


Enjoy our superb range of rewards which we've have put together to complement your journey of enjoying life a little more. It is more than just about rewards. It's about letting you celebrate the very best life has to offer. Whether it's a hearty meal at one of the finest restaurants, a family getaway at an exotic destination, or even the thrill of owning the latest gadget with exciting features.




Getting started is such an easy step, simply call our customer service at: 021-3435 8881 to enroll in the Program, then you will be enjoying the meaningful experience of being an American Express Cardmember.